happy holidays!

stockings hung on the paneling with care
(thanks Mom!)

my friend Amythst and I made this out of branches that had broken off of trees in a local park during a wind storm
i'm sure you are at least as impressed as Matt was
it sort of matches our house as a whole
funky and not totally aesthetically perfect, but there is a lot of love there

thinking of Sue Gillespie

Happy Holidays 
Love, the Butlers

the great move-in

once we closed on the house it was a race against time
our final move-in was planned for the 31st
we got contractors, we recruited able-bodied friends, we started the demo
Matt was teaching and coaching day and night, and I was working like a man
seriously, you should have seen my hands
with the help of good friends, the house was really coming along after only a week of ownership 

we took out the panels from the drop ceiling the night we got the keys, because we could not stand them one more second

 we unearthed this classic, stylish wallpaper

we gutted the master bath
and tore out the carpet here and in the front room

my friend Amythst helped me demo the main floor bathroom - that paneling had to go!

surprises around every corner
we are thinking about just keeping it and continuing the theme

 the fruits of our labor
a big old pile of junk
which, incidentally, started stinking up the house after about 3 days  
being paranoid first time home owners, we were worried the sewer was backing up until we figured it out

By this point construction had started on the master bathroom and the texture on the walls was being "skimmed" 
 these pictures show the state of the kitchen and front room with move-in happening within days

Our good friends Paisley, Emily and Jett came for Thanksgiving weekend and saved our lives by helping us move
We are so thankful!!

So, we got all of our stuff moved into the house, and thus began the hardest week ever!
We slept on an air mattress at the old house for two nights, and then moved into the basement of the new house with everything we own

All members of the Moran family and other neat freaks: 
proceed reading this post at your own risk - this is where things get scary

living in the basement with everything we own

these garbage bags are the highly refined organizational system we created for our clothes
this may be why we have both been wearing the same 5 items for the last month

we stayed in one of the bedrooms in the basement
this is the hallway leading to the bedroom and the bathroom we were glad to have downstairs

we had Pi the cat barricaded in the back area with us
we tried a new, scented kitty litter
it was a very big mistake

 the cozy space we made for ourselves
we tried to make one clean and clutter free space so we could keep our sanity

the upstairs when we moved in

 the main floor bathroom became our tool and material storage space

the wall project was messy, so things started looking up once the walls were skimmed and sanded!

we have a major checklist

we unpacked the kitchen

things started to get livable

we got carpet and moved our bed upstairs, which was amazing!

we got tv and internet hooked up
...the sweet comforts of home

the shower tiling was completed, so we were able to take showers upstairs while we waited for the door!

we were ready for the next step in the bathroom...floors
we realized there was a squeak that needed to be fixed before we installed the new flooring
no problem for the Butlers..we got this

but wait...
we don't know how to find the joist
and we don't have the right kind of screws

squeaky floor - 100 points
Butlers - 2 points 
(we did get 2 screws in, and stop some squeaking)
after a phone-a-friend to my Dad, 2 trips to Ace Hardware, 1 trip to Fred Meyer, and 3 days of trying

So, we were able to install the floor

and the shower door came in
next, we will install the vanity and toilet!


butler sweet home!

We closed on our house on  November 17th! Please enjoy this tour of our new palace...

it was SO cold the night we got our keys!

side yard looking toward the front of the house

 back of the house
can you see me in the window being creepy?

we think this is a fruit tree, but we are not sure which kind

 the back yard

the other side yard facing the front of the house 
the same side yard above, pictured from the front

the front room entry (front door is to the left)

 living room windows

 living room into "office" 
can you believe the house came with this beautiful chandelier at no extra cost?

sliding glass doors in the "office" open to the deck

 this texture is awful 

 looking into the kitchen - we would like to take down this wall some day to create a large front room

 gorgeous kitchen, fine craftsmanship, no appliances

 main floor bathroom

 steps up to the bedrooms

second bedroom

the master suite, if you will

master bathroom (behind half wall pictured above)
we should have taken a picture inside the shower
...but on the other hand maybe it's better that we didn't, because it is the stuff nightmares are made of

 stairs off of kitchen lead to finished basement

if you make a left at the bottom of the stairs you enter a nice large space for a family room someday
yes, we know this stove is a giant fire hazard

 waiting for a washer and dryer

 there is a kitchen setup downstairs, which will be nice when we remodel the upstairs kitchen eventually

if you make a right at the bottom of the stairs this hallway leads to a full bathroom and two bedrooms
beyond one of the bedrooms is a storage room