butler sweet home!

We closed on our house on  November 17th! Please enjoy this tour of our new palace...

it was SO cold the night we got our keys!

side yard looking toward the front of the house

 back of the house
can you see me in the window being creepy?

we think this is a fruit tree, but we are not sure which kind

 the back yard

the other side yard facing the front of the house 
the same side yard above, pictured from the front

the front room entry (front door is to the left)

 living room windows

 living room into "office" 
can you believe the house came with this beautiful chandelier at no extra cost?

sliding glass doors in the "office" open to the deck

 this texture is awful 

 looking into the kitchen - we would like to take down this wall some day to create a large front room

 gorgeous kitchen, fine craftsmanship, no appliances

 main floor bathroom

 steps up to the bedrooms

second bedroom

the master suite, if you will

master bathroom (behind half wall pictured above)
we should have taken a picture inside the shower
...but on the other hand maybe it's better that we didn't, because it is the stuff nightmares are made of

 stairs off of kitchen lead to finished basement

if you make a left at the bottom of the stairs you enter a nice large space for a family room someday
yes, we know this stove is a giant fire hazard

 waiting for a washer and dryer

 there is a kitchen setup downstairs, which will be nice when we remodel the upstairs kitchen eventually

if you make a right at the bottom of the stairs this hallway leads to a full bathroom and two bedrooms
beyond one of the bedrooms is a storage room