a lovely living room

Another big week for the Butlers!
this one felt like one of the most exciting yet...because we finally have a living room

after a paint pep talk from my sister Danielle that went something like this,
"well you'll just have to choose one...paint is cheap...you can always change it later"
I decided on a color and finally started the painting
thank goodness for sisters (and Matt thanks you too...!)

after two coats of primer, trim, and a coat of paint
I seriously got a blister from painting

we had a crazy snow storm 
& secretly hoped for a snow day so we could finish painting, but no such luck

after a few evenings after work and some help from a friend 
we were able to get all of the trim and walls painted
I really couldn't believe how great the room was looking
the trim came to life with the fresh paint, which helps restore some of its original 1921 beauty

before we could move up furniture, we wanted to clean the floors
we were blown away at how clean they came with a simple wash! 

hard work


Coach B wasn't home the night after I finished painting to help move furniture upstairs
so I worked on a few other little projects, including installing knobs on our new vanity
how handy am I!?

I found these green glass knobs at Anthropologie
 they reminded me of the original style of our home
the color looks great with the greens in the shower, if I do say so myself

Matt had a relatively early night from practice, so we moved furniture

it is so helpful when I take pictures of him while we are trying to work

somewhat ironically for this Alaskan, we went with 
the wall color "alaskan husky"and the ceiling color "mountain peak white"
now that we've painted we l-o-v-e the color
did I mention that those were the first colors I tried...?

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