a family visit

last weekend my parents, Colleen and Dwight, came to visit!
we had a really wonderful weekend and loved showing off our new pad and neighborhood

we were able to relax and enjoy our newly set up living room 
and benefited from Dad's expertise to get some projects done, too

we took a walk to Magnolia bluff, which has a beautiful view of Puget Sound
this is also where we got married!

Dad and Matt installed our closet organizer!

there was a small setback
here Matt reads the instructions...
and realizes that some pieces were cut to the wrong length 

 there's nothing else they can do for the closet, so they watch some basketball

looking good and almost there!

Mom had never been to Ikea, so we took a trip on Sunday to pick up a few things
we thought the guys were watching football, but when we got back they surprised us by fixing two leaking sinks, a flushing problem with a toilet, and taken down the drop ceiling!!
We have been wanting to take this down since the first day we saw our house, and what a difference!





the ceiling feels so much higher and the room feels brighter
plus, the lighting is much improved
because they installed new, temporary lights in place of the old fluorescents
wow that is just amazing

Dad also took an in person look at the floors...and the jury is still out
he's not sure they will be worth refinishing because of the amount of patching that would be involved
and all of the work for a soft wood like fir might not be worth the investment 
we will have an expert come by to get an estimate, and then make our final decision

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