hardwood floors, for Dad

the painted hardwood floors in our front room
we have been told that they are fir

these pictures are taken from the same place, 
one looking toward the front door and one looking toward the bay window

Below you can see the patches from the original walls in the home
(there are 3 separate areas with these patches)

same space, different angles

patched area #2
there was vinyl over this patch, which we scraped off...the glue is left
but there seems to be hardwoods underneath

this is a close-up, you can sort of see the the panels in this photo

patched area #3 here, two spots

A close-up photo shoot

I can't see the planks that well, but they seem to have 1/2-3/4 in of thickness?

there is some deeper damage - maybe up to 1/4 in thick

I sanded a small area with a palm sander
there seem to be several coats of paint

there area areas where the planks need to be removed and re-staggered, because there are straight lines where the original walls were

 there are a few places with saw marks

thanks for looking, Dad ! Love you

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