a useable bathroom & a paint crisis...

Devin came by the day after Christmas to help Matt install the vanity and toilet
they were able to get everything working in one afternoon, and with only two trips to Ace Hardware
he is my new hero 
because we no longer have to go to the basement to use the bathroom


I really did not know how much I could love and appreciate a toilet

next, we got ready to prime in the front rooms 
so our living space is again a hot mess
our friends Jerrimi and Amythst helped us hook up a weekday evening prime, awesome!

we primed over the paneling
this has been a dream since we moved in

Matt cooks for me while I work
we cannot be boxed in by traditional gender roles

I am a priming fool
got a little sloppy here

priming, done.

Currently an all-out paint color crisis is happening over here
We can't find the perfect color, and it is really holding things up...
we can't choose the ceiling and trim color until we know the wall color
and no furniture will be moved upstairs until we paint

As a side story - we're going on a month-and-a-half without furniture
(we eat dinner and watch tv in our bedroom!)
this is still sort of fun - kind of like staying at a hotel
but it is beginning to lose its luster
Yesterday we ate breakfast standing up at our butcher block
our plates were actually set on top of stacks of junk mail, newspapers, and bills
I am thinking of this as a good test for my ability to stay sane in a cluttered environment

now about the paint...
I have officially looked at every paint swatch in the greater Seattle area
on Friday I spent over an hour with the guy at Benjamin Moore, my new BFF
I tried two samples on the wall (one was too green)
I thought this was the one....

most of the time it is a beautiful color, but after a couple of days on the wall I see that it is BLUE
blue, blue, blue.

So, I tried another sample
but the new color is just gray
plain, uninteresting

Amythst helped me go back to the drawing board
we sifted through all of the samples again

So, today I will go buy the 4th sample pint of paint, at $7.11 each
(boothbay gray, I think)

Besides the priming, we have a few accomplishments to celebrate this week
1. Matt installed all of the lights in our bedroom and bath, so we've got light now!
2. We patched and prepped the front room so it is totally ready for paint, once we decide on color
3. We bought a closet organizer:

 soon we can move our clothes upstairs
our coworkers will probably be thankful to see some new items in our rotation

this morning we will fuel ourselves with bagels 
(our new addiction from the grocery store two blocks from our house)
and then start on projects
and later in the day for Matt: grading papers
a very nice Sunday
and hopefully our next post will include pictures of a painted living room!

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