butlers unite

there was some serious "butler rules!" power in Seattle last week
when Cliff and Mary came to visit

Matt and I got some pictures up on the walls and books on the shelves
so it actually looks like people with personality and interests live in our house

the Metro (league) basketball playoffs were happening last week, so Matt and Cliff scouted a game on Saturday while Mary and I relaxed and went out to dinner
a perfect way to spend the evening for all involved, I think

we went on a great walk along Magnolia Blvd on Sunday

this one's for Aunt Cathie!

then we watched the super bowl (in our bedroom, where our only TV is!)
over the next couple of days we watched basketball, talked basketball
and we played board games! 
then we watched more basketball (Prep vs O'Dea), then talked more basketball
during all of this basketball talk Mary and I got lots of girl time to visit, which was wonderful!

such a great weekend, and so much fun showing off our new house

and here is a picture of Pi, who we realized has not made much of an appearance on the blog
she has been transitioning to life in the new house quite well
although she's still not super keen on going outside for more than about 5 minutes at a time
she loves the basement (probably because we kept her downstairs for the first 3 weeks we lived here)

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