signs of spring

things are starting to grow and bud here in Seattle!  
we are really excited to see what little surprises will grow in our yard this spring and summer
here's what's happening now:

lemon tree (indoors)
so fragrant!

buds on tree outside our bedroom windows

we're not sure what type of tree this is, but it has had these little fuzzy guys for about 2 weeks!
when we were kids my Mom used to cut the pussy willows for a vase and let us color them with chalk
such a fun project for kids! 
who am I kidding though...I'd do it now if our tree wasn't too small to trim

we've been told this is a butterfly tree
lots of flowers are expected!

weeping cherry tree! 
this tree's name is Ernie

Something like a rhododendron...only with a taller base?

our big rhododendron
I looked at an old picture on Google maps and found out the flowers are white


unidentified flowers? weeds?

a map of Seattle neighborhoods:

we are in Magnolia
which is the neighborhood that sticks out into the Puget Sound, northwest of Downtown
there are a ton of great places to walk in our 'hood
a favorite of ours is Discovery Park, where I took these pictures the other evening
could this be a piece of heaven?

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  1. These a beautiful pictures! What a nice new neighborhood :)
    I love you guys... bulter rules!!!