this week we were t-i-r-e-d.
the big push to get the living room painted and set up left us feeling a little burnt out
but hey, at least we have a living room to lay around feeling lazy in!

so, we took it easy and relaxed a bit
we made some dinners at home...

this is a favorite of mine because you can throw bread that is getting hard and all of the veggies you worry will go bad into a pan, cover it in egg, and have a delicious meal
this has in layers: hard french and sourdough bread, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, onions, sausage, some chunks of cheese
mix eggs with nutmeg, salt, and pepper, pour over the whole shebang, bake at 375 for 30 minutes-ish...

Now that the ceiling is down Matt just couldn't wait any longer to get rid of this red wallpaper
is it weird that I don't actually think it's that bad? 
My Mom agreed with me... apparently Grandma & Grandpa had this same wallpaper in their kitchen at one point

we were really just slapping this paint up, because we know it's a temporary fix until the remodel
slappin' the paint!
we reached an all-time low of immaturity thanks to me, when I started making this sound every time I made a brush stroke: "pppffffllllttttt"
at first Matt was startled and maybe even confused, but then he caught on...
you get the idea
we are really tired of painting

now, we realize that this is still no dream kitchen
but woowwwwiiiieeee it feels amazing to us now that it's painted! 
so much brighter and feels a lot bigger yet

Matt had even more basketball than usual this week, so I decided to practice my stir fry skills

things were going pretty good until the rice noodles... I bought these rice noodles at Uwajimaya, the awesome Asian specialty market, and they did not get sticky or soggy
but I don't think one is supposed to put them in with the vegetables to stir fry
a great idea in theory, but a big F in the execution phase
it was a TON of food, and kind of blended into a giant clump
not exactly what I had in mind... but tasted delicious

being able to cook in the kitchen really contributes to a sense of normalcy in these crazy times
we enjoy cooking together
so we are really looking forward to our kitchen remodel!

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