adventures & rose bushes

Rightly, our friend Jerrimi was recently giving us a hard time for the lack of posts
No, we haven't been so busy with home projects that we haven't had time
we have pretty much done no home projects at all!

Matt's basketball team made it to the quarter finals in the Washington State 3A basketball tournament!
I've been keeping busy doing some nutrition coaching 
& brainstorming ideas for a nutrition teleclass I'd like to get started

We've had a couple of beautiful, sunny days
I decided to tackle the extremely overgrown rosebushes in the front yard
So I approached them one morning armed with a cup of coffee, gloves, trimmers, and a gardening book

this rose bush trimming stuff sounds complicated!
I was being very careful, following all of the rules in the book
Then a sweet lady neighbor walked by and inquired, 
"New to roses?"
(did the book sitting next to me on the walkway as I trimmed give it away?)

yes, that is literally the book I was reading as I trimmed the bushes

This kind passerby advised me to, "really cut them way back"
I asked, putting my trimmers at a place higher up on the plant "cut them here?"
she said, "a bit lower"
me, sliding my trimmers down the plant: "here?"
she said,  "even a bit...lower"
me:  "really? how about here?"
her:  "yep"
me:  "I'm scared!"
her:  "don't be, it is really nearly impossible to kill roses"
and then I did it
and once I got started I unleashed a fury of trimming on these roses:

I got stabbed a few times with thorns, but it was mostly painless
Yet, when I woke up the next morning my arms were all scratched 
and my hands were super swollen in spots
I had the hands of a monster
apparently when you get pricked those tricky thorns leave a splinter!
note to self: get thicker gloves

this is Matt doing his part in the yard work:

and his helper, whose slumber I may have disturbed:

just kidding...
Matt actually did rake our huge yard
and I'm not even bragging
our yard feels pretty huge when you have to rake the whole thing!

We also went on an epic walk recently and discovered an amazing trail by our house
Elliott Bay Trail
there is an entrance relatively close
it is beautifully paved and landscaped all the way to downtown Seattle!
oddly, all I took pictures of on the beautiful walk were these things: 

the "helix" bridge
a beautiful bridge built by a biotech company for staff to cross the railroad tracks
in the shape of a helix
very clever and awesome!

the trail runs parallel with the railroad tracks for quite a distance

walking makes us thirsty

we stopped at Mulleady's Irish Pub
a great little spot in Magnolia

check out this handsome dude

then we made a bomb pork loin for dinner
which we accompanied with wine that was a gift from Callie & Cary
from the Volcano Winery by their house in Hilo, Hawaii

Thanks for the great gift C&C!!
we love you

One other relevant story
We were on a walk through our neighborhood last weekend 
We got coffee at our new favorite coffeeshop & bakery
bought a piece of pie to have with dinner at Seattle Pie Company
and then went back to the bakery to get a cinnamon roll!
I wanted to stop by the Magnolia Garden Center to get a sealant for the cuts I made to the roses
when we inquired about the item the man at the counter said, 
"Elmer's glue really works just as well if you've got that."
we took this as, "don't spend money on the fancy stuff"
Then he went on, "Actually, I was going to do a class on trimming roses this morning but no one came!  Would you like me to show you now?"
So, we got our own little rose trimming class right then and there
it was truly awesome and we learned so much

One other thing we discovered since our last post is this delicious recipe
My Mom sent me this a while back and I hadn't tried it until last week!