Bienvenidos a Miami

A recent visit to Miami was exactly what a couple sun-starved Seattleites needed after a loooooooooong gray and rainy winter. Jim was honored by the Society of Gynecologic Investigation and we made the trip down, along with Elizabeth, Michael and Dean and Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda. With neither of the two of us having been there before, we didn't really know what to expect of Miami. Long story short - no wonder LeBron plays with DWade this season.

We scored big time and were upgrade to a suite
our room had a private balcony and a gorgeous view of Miami

Miami Beach

I got the "Hipstamatic" camera app for my phone
and went all Hipstamatic on this trip

on the light rail to the aiport

we went to the beach when we arrived at 6am
Matt was hit on by a "lady of the night"
I guess you can't step away from your man's side in Miami...even for a second

view of the pools from Jane and Jim's room

Matt and sister Elizabeth

we went on a walking tour of the art deco buildings along Miami Beach
South Beach was insane...spring break!

the best part about our awesome room is that we were able to have an evening in on Saturday, 
celebrating Jim's birthday, watching basketball, and eating take-out Cuban food
there was a beautiful sunset:

we got a lot of great beach time with the whole family
especially our nephew Dean (and of course our brother in law Michael)

the hotel we stayed at is the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach
it's a rather swanky spot, and has been a popular spot since the 1950's
here I am on the "Staircase to Nowhere"
it was built so guests of the time could make an entrance
men would stop the elevator to drop off their date on the 2nd floor 
they would then continue on to the 1st floor and wait at the base of the stairs 
for their date to make her entrance on the staircase

we loved Miami's beautiful beaches, unique architecture, 
friendly people, and delicious food
a surprising destination that we would visit again!

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