We're back!

We've been having some serious technology issues these last couple of months 
including 2 computer crashes (pictures, too!)
and some internet issues
but we're back!

You missed our entire beautiful spring - 
but on the bright side we can show you the pictures in progression
which might be more fun anyway

Rhododendron May 16
May 21

We heard this is a mini magnolia tree
but we're not sure
So fragrant!

We spent much of the spring trying to tame our yard and acquire the appropriate equipment to do so

Serious weeding was required
 as well as some tree trimming


More good news...I didn't kill the roses afterall !


A guest at the water faucet... 

My office-mate Dani and her partner Mary gave us their retired lawn mower
Thank you!!
we got the carburetor cleaned and new spark plugs for $45 bucks
then Matt used his handy-man skills 
(and maybe just one YouTube video) 
to put it all back together

The only problem now is that it takes us over an hour to mow!

We've been having a great time playing in the yard
and have more to share in the next post!