meet Sullivan Patrick Butler!

Here he is!!
Our sweet little guy, born on September 27th at 2:32 pm
He weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and measured 20 1/4 in long 
(although some say they think he might be longer...)
He's got some big ol' hands and feet like his Dad 
And since his first minutes loves to look around at the world

We're in heaven!

Huge thank you to Katy and Chuck for coming down to support us through the birth

First moments

Meeting Dad

Proud Mama!

So in love...


His going home outfit...
Cousin Avery thought he might be a monkey, but turns out he is a boy
(luckily, because I hear monkeys throw poo at you...?)

Geared up for a Sunday walk with Dad
Beautiful knit sweater by Grandma Colleen, originally knit for a family friend who is now a teenager!
Sweet fall hat by Lupine Marshak
Such a loved guy with his hand made gear!

First ride in the stroller
A trip to the grocery store and Starbucks with Dad

The whole family taking a Sunday nap
This must be what heaven is like

To prove to you about those feet!

So hip! So Portland!


demolition man!

day two of demo
(removing the old wood paneling was day one - the only thing close to being worth a picture
from that day was the 9 or so layers of old wallpaper - dating back to the early days of the house)

digging into walls
this used to be the old exterior wall of the house in its first life (sometime in the 20's)

nothing a good ol' crowbar can't handle

starting to see the new sightlines

that's day three!


Week 29 (and the project begins!)

the long awaited, and much anticipated kitchen project begins in earnest
with a visit from Dad and the removal of the old cabinets.
this guy needs a better labor union - all we had to do to pay him was
to sprinkle some loose change around (I think he tallied $.98 over the course of the week)
for him to find on the floor!
a Friday night schnitzel was the bonus.

"so, is that pail where we'll bathe the new baby?"

wow! look at that lean, mean, workin' machine! (Dad, that is)
we took on a whiteboard list of jobs for the week, finished them all, and
even knocked out a few other to-do's that weren't on the list (pesky hole in the roof, etc.)



week 28 (lady liberty)

freedom gets momma excited

nothing says American spirit on Independence Day in Seattle like a 
big blow-up Statue of Liberty head at the top of the hill in Gasworks Park


doin' work

a few weeks off and it's time to crack into projects...
I brought in some incredible labor help (and got a heckuva deal - thanks Mom!!) for some summer projects

Matt and mom put some polish on the nursery

buying, hanging, painting, caulking trim and closet doors - no sweat, all smiles.

some disorienting help from a guy in a orange apron with cigarette breath 
(Home Depot assistance: hit and miss)
led us to decide on a new slab door.
(Home Depot's own video on installing - first thing the guy says...
"this project is a 4 on a DIY difficulty scale of 1 to 5" - perfect.)
a few hours of planing and chiseling is all it took...
more sweat, less smiles.

Pi enjoys the flora and landscaping of Butler Manor


weekend in the woods

to celebrate the end of both school years, 
we took up a friend's offer of a stay at their cabin in the Cascades. 
remember Northern Exposure?
(no... Cicely, Alaska isn't where Rachel grew up - but there are moose there)
the closest town is Roslyn, where the show was filmed - about 90 minutes east of Seattle.

wow. this cabin - and the views - were gorgeous.

lots of rain = lots of green

the lime likes the view

week 27!


Week 26

you might be asking yourself... "is it really that sunny in Seattle?"

...and it's only June.


week 24

24 weeks

Belly is starting to grow!
Matt got me a Snoogle, which is a giant body pillow for pregnant ladies.
 It is totally amazing and makes sleeping much more comfortable.
Plus, the 6 other pillows that were sleeping with us before have now all been replaced with this one amazing Snoogle, making it much easier for me to actually find Matt in the bed to get a snuggle in.


week 23

Week 23 is a big week for grad school
I've got my group oral exam, the written final, and class through the weekend
I've been studying my little pregnant booty off these past few weeks
Only a couple of week to go ... then I'm off for the summer! weee!


week 22

Bump is starting to round out a bit
Most people may actually be able to tell that I'm pregnant now? 
I'm going into end of school year crunch time, and so is Matt
We are paper writing, studying, lesson planning and grading out the yazoo
Can't wait for summer so we can have some fun getting ready for baby Butler!