doin' work

a few weeks off and it's time to crack into projects...
I brought in some incredible labor help (and got a heckuva deal - thanks Mom!!) for some summer projects

Matt and mom put some polish on the nursery

buying, hanging, painting, caulking trim and closet doors - no sweat, all smiles.

some disorienting help from a guy in a orange apron with cigarette breath 
(Home Depot assistance: hit and miss)
led us to decide on a new slab door.
(Home Depot's own video on installing - first thing the guy says...
"this project is a 4 on a DIY difficulty scale of 1 to 5" - perfect.)
a few hours of planing and chiseling is all it took...
more sweat, less smiles.

Pi enjoys the flora and landscaping of Butler Manor

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