meet Sullivan Patrick Butler!

Here he is!!
Our sweet little guy, born on September 27th at 2:32 pm
He weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and measured 20 1/4 in long 
(although some say they think he might be longer...)
He's got some big ol' hands and feet like his Dad 
And since his first minutes loves to look around at the world

We're in heaven!

Huge thank you to Katy and Chuck for coming down to support us through the birth

First moments

Meeting Dad

Proud Mama!

So in love...


His going home outfit...
Cousin Avery thought he might be a monkey, but turns out he is a boy
(luckily, because I hear monkeys throw poo at you...?)

Geared up for a Sunday walk with Dad
Beautiful knit sweater by Grandma Colleen, originally knit for a family friend who is now a teenager!
Sweet fall hat by Lupine Marshak
Such a loved guy with his hand made gear!

First ride in the stroller
A trip to the grocery store and Starbucks with Dad

The whole family taking a Sunday nap
This must be what heaven is like

To prove to you about those feet!

So hip! So Portland!